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PRC Polymers Our manufactured mulching films cover 80% of the Indian market. We are a prominent mulching sheets manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our mulching sheet comes in different varieties and colors we offer supreme quality plastic mulch films transparent as well as silver and grey. The silver or white color reflects radiation to prevent the overheating of seeds, plants and fruit, and enhances photosynthesis, and the black color prevents the diffusion of light and reduces the germination of weeds. Mulch sheets help in water Conservation, Zero light transmission, enhancement of white root development, better nutrient uptake, Chemical and pesticide-resistant, UV Stabilised, Better microclimate, Made from virgin material, and control soil salinity.
The advantage of using Black and Silver Mulch Films: Ø Defoliant Ø Soil Squeezing Prevention Ø Helping in better Nutrition
Plastic mulching sheets marketed by “PRC POLYMERS” is an agricultural no-dig technique that is used either in establishing a new garden or to enrich existing plants. Covering the soil around plants with these special plastic sheets is called mulching. We provide you with the best quality mulching sheets at a very reasonable price that’s why we are the best Mulching Sheets Manufacturer and Supplier in India

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